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I'm Keina

I work with passionate and hardworking single women who need help creating clear financial goals so that they can save more, pay off debt, and stress less about money. 

I was once in your position and completely overwhelmed, stressed, and spinning my wheels about my own finances.   I graduated college with $75,000 of debt and only making $33,000 a year.  Did I already mention that I was stressed? 


My overwhelm started to ease when I started having money dates with myself.  There was no magic pill, I started showing up for myself and having money dates where I made sure that my weekly spending habits aligned with my values.  Now, as the founder of Wealth Over Now (WON), I’m here to help you do the same. I help passionate, hard-working single women like you create clear financial goals so you can save more, get out of debt, and stress less about money

Do you need help? 


I never knew how all the pieces fit together...

Graduating with a degree in Management and Finance 

Valuing family and wanting to leave behind a legacy 

Taking a detour after college and joining Teach For America

Collaborating with other leaders and coaching teachers 

Falling in love with educating others to help them realize the impossible

Connecting with friends about the tension of adulting "well" but also wanting to enjoy life 

Then, I found the perfect the intersection of my passion and purpose!

"My credit score has risen 250 points, I've built up my savings account, and my mentality has changed. It feels amazing to have such financial clarity, no longer be in jeopardy of defaulting on my student loans, and have money saved for emergencies."

- Damon, WON Client

"Keina really helped clarify the fundamentals of building and tracking a budget for me. She is quite personable and really spends time focusing on the emotional side of your relationship with money with you -- which most of us ignore. Keina showed me how invaluable that is."

- Meena, WON Client


let's get started!

If I were going to take a guess, I would say that you ventured to Wealth Over Now because you’re overwhelmed and in a financial rut and want relief with your personal finances. Maybe you want a savings strategy or you’re sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, or you just feel all over the place when it comes to your money.

Well, take a deep breath because you’ve come to the right place! But for real take a deep breath, I want you to know that this is a safe place, one where your worries turn to moments of joy as we create a life where you don’t need to close your eyes really tight wondering if your debit card is going to be declined or feeling like you make too much money to feel this broke!  I want to help you overcome all of the negative feelings that often flood our world when we think about finances.