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financial coaching and education 


Hi, my name is Keina and I'm the founder of Wealth Over Now Financial Coaching and Education.  I empower young professionals to experience life differently by helping them get control of their money.  


My number one goal is to help you reduce stress, provide clarity, and build wealth.  


Why invest in your financial health?


For the same reason, you'd invest in your physical and mental health.  Your financial health is the foundation that will allow you to leave something behind that matters.  


I support my clients in implementation while also providing them the support, resources, and information to be financially free. 


Schedule a free discovery call and get in the best financial health of your life!







our site is under construction but we're still open for business! 

Keina Newell, Founder Financial Coach and Educator 


— C. Anthony, WON Client

“"Wealth Over Now financial coaching has met and exceeded my expectations. They are intentional in understanding their client's financial needs and goals and are honest in providing concrete actionable steps. Before coming to Wealth Over Now I was living paycheck to paycheck, I had taken out numerous payday loans, and my credit score was abysmal. I am now proud to say my credit score has increased more than 200 points in less than a year, I now have a manageable budget, and bill collectors are no longer calling me. Their guidance has truly empowered me to make better financial decisions and become more financially literate. The financial coaching at Wealth Over Now financial has changed my life!!! My investment in them was well worth it!".”

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