What is Mimosas + Money Matters? 

Mimosas + Money Matters is less than a party but more than a get-together - it’s a safe space designed to help you have powerful money conversations with your community without all the fear. I created this movement to help you create a judgment-free zone to talk about money so you can stop spinning your wheels about personal finances. I want you to start having financial conversations with your community that will help you work towards your goals of intentionally managing your finances, getting out of debt, and changing your relationship with money.  

Mimosas + Money Matters is an opportunity for you to host a money conversation in your space.  Think of it as your favorite cooking class or book club for finances. I’ll help you organize the event so you can bring people together from your circle who challenge you to be your best so you can connect about shared experiences in adulting well and living a life you love. 

In the past, I’ve hosted this event for young professionals from all over the DC area to talk finances and change their relationship with money. Now I’m bringing the conversation into local communities and homes because I want to spread the movement further and encourage more people to talk about money with their family, friends, and colleagues.

 Mimosas + Money Matters Love 

I enjoyed the open discussion and encouragement that everyone had towards one another. I loved the community and felt that Mimosas + Money matters was a safe place to be honest and talk about hard things.

- Yolanda

The questions that Keina asked us about what we value, in an effort for us to come up with a budget, led to some dynamic whole group discussions. It was also valuable to be able to identify what I value as a tool to helping me budget.

- Jonathan


Keina has great energy and makes something as daunting as money seem "easy" and accessible. 


 Mimosas + Money Matters Norms 

My goal as the host and facilitator of Mimosas + Money Matters is to ensure that I am creating a safe space for people to talk about money. I want people to feel comfortable showing up as the person they desire to become.  This space is about moving forward in our own financial journey and building our own toolkit as we move forward. We often avoid these conversations for fear of judgment. At Mimosas + Money Matters, we are not asking our community to divulge their salary or even how much debt you are in. The goal is to create an environment where we realize we're all in this together and through conversation spark questions, build on our own knowledge, and solicit support to help us reach our own financial goals and develop a better relationship with money.

  • What we discuss here stays here
  • Be open and optimistic
  • Assume the best

  • Have fun!

  • Share as much or as little as you want

  • Be empowered

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Mimosas + Money Matters.  To see an example agenda of an event click here.  If you would live in the DMV area and want to learn more about hosting your own event email info@wealthovernow.com.