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Have those words ever run through your mind when you start thinking about your finances?


And do you ever wonder how much better life would be if you had a clear financial plan that would help you pay off your debt, save to buy your first home, travel more, and put money aside for future emergencies?  

But you know there has to be a better way.

You no longer just want to stay afloat and live within your means.  You want to save consistently every month and make progress towards your financial goals (e.g. saving for a home, building an emergency fund, pay off debt, pay cash for a vacation) with intentionality.  

You no longer want to be consumed by your debt.  You want a clear plan to know that you're paying off your debt in a way that allows you to live in the present moment and prepare for the future. 

You no longer want to worry about making good money but having no idea where it's going.  You want to get rid of the tension of being smart with your money and having a lifestyle you enjoy. 

Well, there is a better way.

“I have made more money than I’ve ever made before but I have no idea where it is going!”


“I budget but still don’t feel like I have enough money.”


“My debt is the only thing really holding me back from my dreams.”

I recently joked with Keina that "my savings is THICK and my debt is THIN"! I have a nice nest egg saved for my upcoming move and job change AND I paid in cash for a much-needed and well-deserved vacation. The peace of mind I now carry has been the greatest reward.

Maggie, Wealth Over Now Client

  The difference between Maggie and the many people who continue to struggle with their money is that Maggie realized it was time to ask for help.


You have that opportunity now as well. You can work with me just like Maggie did through my Power Session Intensive.


In this one-month program, we will:

  • Prioritize your financial values (e.g., community, health, family, freedom)  

  • Identify your top three money goals (e.g., save $10,000 for a downpayment in the next two years, pay off credit balance within the next year)  

  • Create a customized spending plan

  • Create a system to help you implement the spending plan so you don’t revert to old habits

In my Power Session Intensive, we’ll create clear action steps to help you save more and pay off debt so that you can stress less about money. As your financial coach, I’ll be there as a thought partner and to provide accountability to not only create a financial system but to also start implementing the system because I know that clients who get support with implementation see results sooner than those who take a DIY approach.


But I want you to know that our work together goes way beyond that. During this one-month program, your relationship with money will also change because I focus on more than numbers. I focus on your story and how you think and feel about money because I want to create a plan that really works for you and incorporates your values and goals.


Client Love

When I started working with Keina I would have described my financial position as credit was abysmal, my change was strange,  and my money was funny. I really needed to get out of a financial rut.  Keina helped me create a budget and coached me through setting up my financial plan, I stopped overdrafting my accounts, bill collectors stopped calling me, and I was less stressed.  Since working with Wealth Over Now, my credit score has risen 250 points, I've built up my savings account, and my mentality has changed. I account for every dollar and have developed in my financial literacy. It feels amazing to have such financial clarity, no longer be in jeopardy of defaulting on my student loans, and have money saved for emergencies.”


- Damon, Wealth Over Now Client

Let's Get Started

"An aspiration or desire means little without a plan to get there." - Unknown

Ask yourself, what results matter the most to you? Then ask yourself are you prepared to go after them alone? If you know you want to be secure in the present and feel more confident with your money choices, schedule a complimentary call today!